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About OurPTR2

Program philosophy

OurPTR2's program philosophy is simple: earning online should be rewarding, fun and reliable. This program is nothing without happy, participating members. What we expect from you is that you read the ads you receive, visit the advertised websites, consider the product offers some of our advertisers send you and perhaps occasionally make a purchase or join a program. In short: give our advertisers value for their money so they will return for more. More advertising means more members means more advertising... you get the picture.

No false promises!

OurPTR2 makes no false or exaggerated promises about how much and how fast you will earn. We can't predict how much advertising we will sell though we are always looking for new advertisers.

Not a "get-rich-quick" scheme!

When considering joining OurPTR2 as a member, please do not only look at how much you can earn in cash because you may be disappointed. This is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme. For instance, OurPTR2 regularly sends advertising for real goods and services; the deals and offers from our advertisers may benefit you a lot more than the cash or point value of their ads.

Fun and Games

To add a little fun OurPTR2 offers several additional and fun earning options like the hangman game and the monthly triva contest. For members who are really, really bored we also have a few non-paid games just for fun.

Monthly Payments

To keep program debt (what ourPTR2 owes its members) as low as possible, members who have earnings of $0.01 or more on the first day of a calendar month will be paid before the end of that same month. Members who prefer not to be paid monthly may select 'save earnings' or 'Amazon Gift Certificate' but saved earnings may never exceed $10.

Mail kept onsite

Program updates and notifications will be sent to your email address but all paid mails are kept onsite, so OurPTR2 will not flood your email address with mail. However if you don't like to read your paid mails onsite, we do have a pop3 feature which allows you to pick up paid mails with your favorite email client - and it works with Yahoo email accounts too. We provide detailed step-by-step instructions on how to set this up.


All advertising prices at OurPTR2 are sustainable, which means that ad prices cover member earnings and program expenses. OurPTR2 will send its own advertising but only if the funds to cover the cost of this advertising are already available from other sources of income.

Find out for yourself!

OurPTR2 prides itself in being an honest, reliable and paying program. Why don't you join us to find out for yourself?

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Program Statistics

Active Members 2
Activity Requirements 1 eMail Advertisement Per 15 Days

Cash Owed To Members $ 121.15399 (live update)

Referral Levels 1 level paying 15%
Referral Commission Requirements Active Account (0%)

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Opening Date August 21, 2004
Owner since April 20, 2005 Afke Krikke (nickname Esperanza)
Location The Netherlands
Contact Yahoo: OurPTR2
MSN: afke.krikke *at* gmail com

Site Assistant Suellen
Location United States
Contact Yahoo: roleysuzyq

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Member Demographics

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Age Groups

*** Age group: 18 - 2463
*** Age group: 25 - 34132
*** Age group: 35 - 4497
*** Age group: 45 - 5470
*** Age group: 55 - 6448
*** Age group: 65+18


** I am a Man169
** I am a Woman190

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