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OurPTR2 Advertising Policy

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General Advertising Rules:

All advertising is subject to approval according to our advertising policy.
OurPTR2 reserves the right to revise this policy at any time without notification to advertisers. OurPTR2 reserves the right to edit, stop or reject advertising if they violate OurPTR2 advertising policy or if judged to possibly violate this policy.

Advertising that violates or possibly violates OurPTR2 advertising policy will be refused and payments refunded in full. If an advertiser wishes to stop already processed but not yet expired advertising, they may choose to replace the remaining advertising or receive a refund for remaining advertising. Once processed advertising has expired no refunds are possible.

OurPTR2 does not accept advertising for: unsustainable sites, click clubs, autosurf and autosurf for cash, randomizers, bubbles, gambling, pyramid schemes, ponzi's, multi level marketing, matrixes, get-rich-quick plans, hyip, forex, drugs or drug paraphernalia, pharmacies, tobacco, adult sites and programs, obscene or sexually oriented goods or services, violations of intellectual property rights, violence, illegal activities, or discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.

OurPTR2 does not accept advertising for goods or services not mentioned above that are prohibited in PayPal Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), advertising for non legal charities, advertising pleading for or demanding money, traffic or a purchase, advertising that ridicules or humiliates others.

OurPTR2 does not accept advertising for get-paid-to programs that promise click values of more than 10 cent.

Advertising for websites or programs in another language than English may be sent targeted to relevant language zones.

For security reasons OurPTR2 does not accept javascript ads and advertised websites may not contain CPABet, Free20, Neoffic, DoBizWith, LuckPTP, Doono or similar running invisible 0-iframes and activeX ads.

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